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Memotex CD-R 80 Minute 52 X White Inkjet Hub Printable, 125 Pack


Price: $17.50

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MEMOTEX CD-R 80 Minute 52 X White Inkjet Hub Printable

Enjoy the value of the MEMOTEX 700MB 52X CD-R White Inkjet Disc in 125 Pack.  MEMOTEX is manufactured for the commercial duplicators who demand high print quality and zero failure rate.  MEMOTEX inkjet ink permeable coating allows quick drying.  Marker Safe for consumers on these discs.  Printing directly is easier than placing labels on discs.  Most importantly, safer to use than labels because labels can peel and cause damages to drives.  The disc is compatible with all CD Players and CD writer drives.  Record your favorite music or store data. 

Media Type: CDR / CD-R / Blank-Media
Capacity: 700MB / 80 Minute
Recording Speed: 52X
Surface Type: White Inkjet Hub Printable CD

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