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Talon T-62 S-VHS Super VHS Tape, 10 Pack


Price: $12.99

Product Info  

Talon S-VHS T-62 Super VHS Tape with Labels and Plastic Case

This Talon S-VHS T-62 comes with adhesive labels and heavy duty plastic case. Use this high resolution Super VHS Videocassette to get the best out of your S-VHS VCR. Developed for use with S-VHS systems, this blank tape is designed with the true videophile in mind. Its high-output S-VHS oxide particles yield high resolution, outstanding color and terrific audio fidelity, perfect for use in home theater systems, wide screen TV, direct broadcasting by satellite, long time recording and master tape.

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Talon
  • Type: SVHS Tape (Super VHS Tape)
  • Media Capacity : 62 Minutes
  • Comes with Adhesive Labels and Heavy Duty Plastic Case
  • Sold per 10 Pack

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