We can repair most audio and video cassette problems. The most common repairs are tapes that have broken and tapes that get stuck and stop while playing back. Other problems that we can repair includes:

  • Broken or damaged shells
  • Tangled, snarled or damaged sections of tape
  • Tape that has snapped apart or come off the reel
  • Cassettes that won't play, or get ejected by VCR
  • Cassettes that are in pieces
  • Cassettes that are missing pieces

Whether you have a spliced tape and/or broken case in need of replacement, Deltamedia will fix it for you.

  • Experienced professionals working on your job
  • Professional quality blank media used
  • 1,000's of satisfied customers
  • Quick turnaround
Audio Cassette Repair
(Price Includes Shipping & Handling)
$20 each
VHS Cassette Repair
(Price Includes Shipping & Handling)
$25 each

* Audio/ Video Cassette Repair Order Form

Please send tape along with the order form & payment to:
Deltamedia International Inc
PO Box 1208
Guasti, CA 91743

Phone: 1.800.TAPE.123 or (909) 923-8112
Email: info@deltamedia.com