DAT tapes (a.k.a Digital Audio Tapes) are excellent in recording sounds, music, or other audio materials. Here at Deltamedia.com we do not only offer new and trendy types of recordable media, but classic formats still have a place on our website. Our name brand DAT tapes are reliable and guaranteed for proficient sound.

DAT tapes have been popular among music professionals since the early 1980’s because of the excellent sound quality. Unlike a standard cassette tape where material is recorded in analog format, a DAT tape will not loose any information. As materials are recorded digitally, no data is lost or compressed. Exact imitation is produced when you use a Digital Audio Tape. This process awards you with the most exceptional quality sound.

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Here at Deltamedia.com we carefully select brands that will give you most quality product. Fuji, TDK, Maxell, Emtec, HHB, Quantegy, DIC/DIGITA and Sony are several brands guaranteed with excellent superiority. You can order our DAT tapes that best meet your needs and are available in packs of 10 or 20 pieces.

If you want DAT tape media for your recording needs, Deltamedia.com has several quality name brands for you to choose from.

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