offers several alternatives for repairing and reusing old and scratched CD or DVD material. Many people believe there scratched CDs are”unusable”. This is preventable with our impressive name brand CD and DVD scratch Remover Kit available at

CD & DVD Scratch Remover
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People often believe scratches are permanent. These scratches do not affect the recorded media, but they affect the surface of the CD. With our exceptional CD and DVD Scratch Remover you can now clean up the damaged surface and save your CDs or DVDs

Our CD and DVD Scratch Remover Kit is light weight, portable, and simple to use. The kit includes a cleaning pad and tray for the restoring process. You simply place your recorded media on top of the cleaning tray for easy repair access and spray on a special solution that slowly eliminates the scratches, scrapes, finger prints, and other unwanted material on the surface of your recorded media. Once the allotted time for the repair process is completed, your repaired CD or DVD media can now be used.

If you are tired of audio or visual “skipping” it is time you try our impressive CD and DVD Scratch Remover. You will be pleases when you hear the results of this kit and repair process.

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