has successfully supplied recordable media for a number of years. Today, people want a media with exceptional reliability for music and information. Our company offers Mini Discs, Digital Audio Tapes, and ADAT media. Although Digital Audio Tape is an older alternative for recording material, it is still very functional in producing an exact clone of what is recorded. Digital Audio Tapes are preferred by several recording professionals.

Digital Audio Tapes
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Created in the 1980’s by Sony and Phillips, Digital Audio Tapes are magnetic tapes that use a Helical scan to record information and data. This type of recordable media is still very popular for professionals in the music industry. If you are in need of a digital audio tape, please visit us at

A Digital Audio Tape, it is about half the size of a regular standard cassette tape and provides excellent quality sound. Why does a Digital Audio Tape sound so good? Well, a Digital Audio Tape records material digitally without losing compression. If a Digital Audio Tape were to be compressed, some of the sound would be lost and when you’d listen to it, the sound would be a close replica of the original, but not the same level of precision and quality as Digital Audio Tape.

Digital Audio Tapes are perfect if you want superior quality sound at a reasonable price. If Digital Audio Tapes sound like something you may be interested in, has a large selection of different types and brands to choose from.

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