A variety of recordable media is available at Tape.com. One of the exceptional products we have is the Gold CD-R. This CD-R is a stylish and impressive looking CD-R with a gold tint. Besides its striking appearance, Gold CD-R’s have a much more valuable use.

Mitsui Gold CDR
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Mitsui, the creator of Gold CD-R’s, is a highly developed recordable media company. Mitsui’s Gold CD-R is made with a patented organic dye called, Phthalocyanine dye. This dye is known to be the most advanced dye in the world used in a CD-R. This dye along with the very thin gold layer creates an excellent quality CDR. In a study, the Gold CD-R is estimated to last up to three- hundred years versus one- hundred years with a standard CD-R.

Tape.com sells Gold CD-R available in speeds up to 52x. The fastest a CD-R speed available in today’s market is 52x. We sell our impressive Mitsui Gold CD-R’s in individual jewel cases, as well as a Gold CD-R in white thermal printable format. These thermal printable CD-R’s provide top notch quality, along with a surface that you can print graphics upon.

Professionals all around the world prefer Mitsui Gold CD-R’s over ordinary CD-R format because a Gold CD-R offers excellent recording.

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