Here at we always recommend using high quality products for any important projects. In the medical field, certain products are needed to ensure reliability and accuracy. Not just any type of CD-R can be used when dealing with the medical records/ information. Our Verbatim Medical CD-R’s are the highly developed product that you need to achieve any medical documents.

Verbatim MediDisc CDR, Medical Disc
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One may ask what difference does it make when you compare a Verbatim Medical CD-R with a standard CD-R. A standard CD-R’s is primarily used for music or at personal files. The Verbatim Medical CD-R offers a more versatile capability. The design of a standard Verbatim Medical CD-R is much more advanced than any other CDR. They are proclaimed to provide reliable performance and recording.

A Verbatim Medical CD-R can preserve data for a longer period of time than any other CD-R. This is because a special CD-R dye is traced along the Verbatim Medical CD-R. According to one study, a Medical CD-R is predicted to last longer than 100 years, this is an incredible lifespan for a CD-R. In addition, while using a Verbatim Medical CD-R you can safely save the patient’s medical records and images. Also, Verbatim Medical CDR’s are less susceptible to damage from heat, light, and other sources of destruction.

All products at are available for you with the guarantee of excellent quality, such as our Verbatim Medical CD-R. High quality merchandise is offered for the advanced medical field or other health care professionals in need of a superior CD-R product for data storage.

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