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Wholesale Audio Cassettes

Do you plan to use our wholesale audio cassettes to record music or spoken word? The type of cassette you should order will depend largely on the type of sound you intend to record. For instance, our HDX cassettes are ideal for music, especially music with an emphasis on vocals. HDX employs an advanced cobalt ferric mix that is well suited for a wide and dynamic range of sounds.

If you plan to record spoken words, on the other hand, the MD audio cassettes might be a better fit. They simultaneously produce a high output of sound with a low level of noise. If you need wholesale audio cassettes to record How-To tapes, instructional tapes, promotional cassettes, hypnotherapy tapes, or educational cassettes, MD is an excellent choice.

We sell wholesale audio cassettes with unexpected lengths, perfectly suited to the length of your specific project. For example, we carry MD tapes that range from one minute in length (30 seconds per side) up to 122 minutes in length (61 minutes per side). We carry tapes in a continuum of single minute intervals; in other words, we carry one minute tapes, two minute tapes, three minute tapes, and so on, all the way up to 122 minutes. And if you need a longer tape, chances are we can manufacture it for you.

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