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Do you need thousands of audio cassettes for professional reasons--or just a few dozen cassettes for personal reasons? Do you only need the tapes themselves, or do you need professional-grade packaging, labels, and accessories to go with them? Simply check out our Blank Cassettes and Cassette Supplies for all the products you might need. Because manufactures our own audio and video cassettes, we can customize audio tapes to suit your needs.

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Deltamedia can custom load audio cassettes to any length that you request. Say you need to make 1,000 duplications of a promotional audio cassette, containing 10 minutes of material. Where could you possibly find cassette tapes that are just 10 minutes long per side? At Deltamedia, you can order custom length cassette tapes that are the perfect length for your project. We offer Type I Normal Bias Cassette, Type II Chrome Cassette, leaderless cassettes, as well as tab in or tab out cassettes.

At Deltamedia, we've always prided ourselves on our ability to cater to both professionals and ordinary people. Yes, companies like Walt Disney Studios, Clear Channel, Extreme Home Makeover, and Books for My Children have relied on our impeccable products and services since we opened for business in 1989. But many ordinary folks have relied on Deltamedia, as well.

How are we able to appeal to both giant companies and ordinary folks? Perhaps it's because we treat every customer with equal importance and attention. Whether you represent a church, school, corporation, or whether you're simply interested in buying audio tapes for personal reasons, Deltamedia is delighted to serve you.

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