As a business professional tired of regular old paper business cards, offers a new and advanced alternative for your business. Blank CD Business Cards are available at for a unique and exclusive way to present yourself and your business.

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A Blank CD Business Card can capture your company through a variety of formats. Pictures, text, music and video clips are just some of the things you can record onto your Blank CD Business Card. If you are an aspiring music artist, you can demo your music clips and personal pictures on your Blank CD Business Card as a great promotional tool.

Smart Buy and Ritek are brands that produce Blank CD Business Cards. If you are purchasing Ritek Blank CD Business Cards, these tiny CD’s can hold up too 50 MB (or five minutes) of material with a 16x speed. On a Ritek Blank CD Business Card one is able to hold up to 52 MB on their CD with a 32x speed. Both brands are guaranteed with impressive quality.

Our exclusive Blank CD Business Card product is delivered to you with one of a kind plastic sleeves that fit snug over your new business card. You do not want to be the last one with the impressive and new type of Business card in the form of a CD. This product is offered to you at an inexpensive price at

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