Remember when you had to make your music mix tapes using dual cassette boom boxes? The sound quality was terrible, the process took forever, and mistakes were difficult to correct (like songs cut off at the halfway point when the tape ran out). And yet, people still lovingly took the time to record mixes of their favorite songs for their friends.

Music is now more accessible than ever before. With downloadable MP3s, online radio stations, and satellite radio, we are all inundated with a huge amount of music. But there's still nothing as satisfying or meaningful as creating or receiving an old-fashioned mix--especially when it's been recorded using cutting-edge technologies. Printable CD-Rs help make these mixes even more personal and special.

At, you'll find just what you need to express yourself with blank CD-Rs. CD-Rs are recordable compact discs. We sell dozens of different styles of CD-Rs from a number of high-quality manufacturers. Our affordable, durable, and reliable recordable CDs will enable you to create fantastic sounding music mixes that will last for ages.

You can also use CD-Rs to store information, such as JPegs. Have you recently had a baby? Your friends and family would probably love to receive a "digital photo album" of baby photos (in addition to the JPegs you send them online each week). Whether expressing yourself through photos, data, words, or music, our blank CD-Rs will empower you to do so in style.

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