Do you own a digital home movie camera? If so, you'll probably need a steady supply of blank mini DV tapes. sells blank mini DV tapes that are inexpensive, high-quality, and delivered right to your front door. We're known for our super speedy deliveries (just read a few letters on our Testimonials page, and you'll see what we mean), so you don't ever have to worry about a long lag time between ordering your mini DV tapes and having them arrive.

We carry mini DV tapes from manufacturers like JVC, Sony, and Panasonic. These tapes range in length. They also range in quality; some are ordinary blank mini DV tapes (perfect for home movies), while others are Professional quality blank mini DVs (perfect for professional short film, documentary, TV, feature film, and music video projects). Some of the mini DVs have computer chips, while others are chipless.

You'll notice these tapes range dramatically in price. For instance, one style of Sony mini DVs may cost less than 20 dollars for a five pack; another might cost over four times as much. This price discrepancy has to do with the quality of the tapes. Non-professionals might not even be able to notice the difference between these tapes, but pros will appreciate the higher performance levels of mini DVs in the "Excellence" or professional series.

All the tapes are well-made, but the pricier ones are designed to prevent against any dropouts. Dropouts can cause you to lose a moment during filming. If you're only shooting your son's baseball game, a dropout barely matters. If you're shooting a scene for a feature film with hundreds of extras, it matters a great deal. Your individual needs should determine the quality of tape you'll want to buy.

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