Blank minidiscs allow you to record music and sound digitally. In this sense, they're like CD-Rs or DAT tapes. "Going digital" has so many advantages over analog sound. If you plan on making music or recording sound (such as foley for film or TV), digital is infinitely preferable to analog. Digital audio, like digital video, enables users to edit in a non-linear fashion.

Blank Minidisc

In other words, you don't have to edit in a particular sequence, and your edits aren't permanent. When you "cut" out a sound, it doesn't disappear. Until you throw the sound clip into the trash, it exists for you to play with. Non-linear editing makes it so much easier to experiment, alter, adjust, and affect sounds and images. sells dozens of different styles of blank minidiscs which will enable you to record music and sound in a high-quality, inexpensive, digital format.

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