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Cassette tapes have long been a savvy and simple way to self-promote. When you order your bulk cassettes through Deltamedia, they're also a very affordable way to promote yourself. In general, the shorter the cassette tape, the less expensive it will be for you to buy. If you can promote yourself in three or four minutes total, your bulk cassettes will cost a lot less than tapes which run for, say, half an hour to an hour.

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Who can benefit from self-promotion through audio? Musicians, vocalists, and songwriters will naturally want to use audio cassettes purchased in bulk to promote their works. The Average Joe may have switched over primarily to CDs, but radio stations and people who work in the music industry still rely heavily on audio cassettes.

Bulk cassettes can also be a wonderful tool for anyone who feels she has something to teach. Since going into business in 1989, Deltamedia has worked with so many different educators and schools. Reed Multistate Bar Review is a valued Deltamedia client, and a perfect example of a business which relies on audio tapes both as tools for teaching and for self-promotion.

Carnegie Mellon University and Scripts Research Institute are other schools which rely on bulk audio cassettes and other products from Deltamedia. If you have something to offer--be it language instruction, tutoring skills, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, spiritual advice, or technical skills--recording it on audio tape can benefit many people.

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