Here at we don't just carry a full line of VHS supplies, toner cartridges and MP3 players, but we also carry digital video media and accessories. You can find bulk DVD-R discs in packs of 25, 45 and 50. DVD-R is a format that is compatible with more than 90 percent of all DVD players, as well as most DVD-ROMs. We have dozens of disc packs from which to choose, both standard grade and professional grade.

Complete Line of Bulk DVDR
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In the DVD-R format, we carry thermal printable and inkjet printable discs, for easy labeling. The inkjet printable discs come in your choice of white or silver. The thermal printable discs come in white only, and are sold in packs of 50. We carry thermal printables made by ProDisc, Verbatim and DeltaMedia.

Larger Packs Make Discs More Affordable
When you buy your DVD-R discs or other DVD formatted discs in large packs, you can enjoy serious savings. You can get top-quality discs ready for recording for about fifty cents apiece. Some 1X discs even sell for around a quarter apiece, making media transfer available to everyone.

We Offer Further Savings for Larger Purchases
Also, for larger purchases of any items we carry here at you can obtain further savings. Over a certain amount ($100, $250 and $500), we give discounts of three percent, four percent and five percent, accordingly. This applies to MP3 players, video supplies, safety kits and more.

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