sells several different styles of audio digital media, including CD-Rs, minidiscs, DAT tapes, and ADAT tapes. If you're looking to buy minidiscs, we think you'll be extremely impressed with our selection and value. We sell very affordable minidiscs, as well as the impressive, new Hi-Minidiscs, manufactured by companies like Sony, EMTEK, TDK, and Quantegy.

Sony was the very first company to introduce minidiscs. They announced the technology that would make minidiscs possible in 1991, and introduced the first products in January, 1992. Minidiscs were originally created to hold both data and sound. Their popularity as a data storage device never reached fruition, but their acceptance as a medium for audio and music did. Many minidisc enthusiasts have been loyal to this particular medium for 15 years; you might say minidiscs have a bit of a cult following.

Hi-minidiscs, also known as Hi-MDs, are the latest entry in the MD family tree. sells five-packs of Sony Hi-MDs, each of which can hold 1GB of information. These minidiscs cost quite a bit more than ordinary MDs, but they also hold a great deal more information.

Are you looking for a cool, unique set of MDs? If so, check out the Color Collection from Sony. This eight-pack of MDs includes two discs each in four, unique colors. Each pack includes two Ruby Red MDs, two Emerald Green MDs, two Midnight Blue MDs, and two Purple MDs.

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