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Buying audio cassettes in bulk is probably just the first step in your process; you'll also need to buy wholesale audio cassette boxes or albums, cassette labels, J-cards, and other supplies before your project is complete. Fortunately, you'll find absolutely everything you need to finish your project at Deltamedia. When you've recorded onto all of your audio cassettes and are finally ready to send them out, you will need to choose between packaging the tapes in audio cassette boxes or audio cassette albums.

Audio Cassette Boxes
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What's the difference between an album and a box? If you have ever purchased a music album on cassette, chances are it came in a cassette box. Boxes are individually sized containers which protect (and promote) the audio cassette, much as a record sleeve protects and promotes its contents.

On the other hand, if you've ever purchased a book on tape, chances are it came in an album, rather than a box. Cassette albums are ideal for organizing multiple cassettes in a single place. They are also excellent for packaging a single cassette with extra pomp and presentation; a single educational cassette might look more impressive in an album than a box, for instance.

Deltamedia offers cassette boxes from both Poly and Norelco. They come with rounded or squared edges, in smoky or clear shades. We also carry cassette boxes in black/clear color combinations. We think you'll be very impressed by our exceptionally low prices, matched only by our remarkably high quality.

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