CD business cards are such an impressive, effective way to self-promote. Yes, CD business cards make a fantastic first impression. But their value is much greater than that. Once the first "wow!" moment of taking your digital business card has passed, the recipient still has five minutes of information and promotion to look forward to. When used efficiently, five minutes is more than enough time to influence the viewer or listener.

CD Business Card Labels sells CD business cards and CD business card labels for all sorts of professionals and amateurs. You can benefit from a digital business card if you're a singer, musician, filmmaker, inventor, entrepreneur, photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, choreographer, or actor. In short, if you do anything at all in the visual or audio arts, you can benefit greatly from a CD business card.

These cards are also fantastic for entrepreneurs or C-level business officers. Imagine having five minutes to describe your product or business to a listener or viewer. You might break the five minutes down into several sections, so that you could include your own bio/CV along with a description of your product or company.

You'll find both CD business cards (10 packs and 100 packs) and CD business card labels at The digital cards are an unusual shape, as you might expect. The permanent adhesive labels are designed to perfectly match this odd shape. With a laser or inkjet printed CD business card, your digital card will look as impressive at first glance as it does on a computer screen.

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