Today's CD and DVD technology lets bands, small labels, and individual musicians and filmmakers get their music and films out to the world for minimal cost and hassle. Though some CD DVD duplicators are still built for large-output professional studios, many are now made specifically for the individual producer. At, we're proud to help our customers in their creative endeavors by offering an enormous choice of CD DVD duplication equipment.

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Since 1989, has been the one-stop shop for blank media. Early on, we began to carry duplication equipment as well, and we now carry four distinct brands and 14 CD DVD duplicator models among them. Choose from a quality selection from Deltamedia, Primera, DupliQ, and Apus. Just one example of a CD DVD duplicator built for the individual is the DupliQ-USB CD/DVD Duplicator.

This model has the benefit of being small and lightweight at 10 pounds--and therefore portable. It allows users a multi-purpose, auto-loading feature that lets you load up to 25 discs at a time for a fully automatic batch production. The DupliQ-USB connects to your computer's USB port simply and easily, letting you turn just about any desk into a fast CD- or DVD-burning operation.

Browse through our many CD DVD duplicators to find the model and price that works best for you. At, we strive to bring you the depth of selection that lets you rest assured that you're seeing everything available on the market. Add to that our competitive prices at and you'll see there's no need to go anywhere else.

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