When you take care of your media, it lasts longer, plays better, and gives you greater satisfaction. If you treasure your collection of DVDs or music CDs, treat it right with lens cleaners from Deltamedia.com. We carry many different products from media giant Kinyo, including Kinyo Radial DVD/CD cleaner and Kinyo DVD/CD Lens Cleaner. The CD DVD lens cleaner is a "dry system" cleaner that is neat and easy to use.

CD & DVD Lens Cleaners

In addition to cleaning your media regularly with special cleaners designed for delicate surfaces, be sure to store your CDs and DVDs correctly. The better you protect your media, the less often you'll need to clean it--and the less chance your DVDs or CDs will scratch or crack. Deltamedia.com carries myriad styles of CD and DVD jewel cases, wallets, and storage devices, to better protect your favorite music and movies.

Check out our cool CD/DVD briefcases from HIPCE. These slim, sturdy briefcases are fantastic looking. We sell two styles--one which holds 60 CDs and one which holds 180 CDs--in four distinctive colors. The Silver, Black, Metallic Blue, or Metallic Pink briefcase will protect your music and movies from dust, humidity, scratching, and breaking.

If you live in a small apartment or if you travel often, you may want to consider these briefcases as a perfect alternative to wall storage. Folks with large houses will probably want to store each of their movie DVDs and music CDs in individual jewel cases which can be displayed on a permanent wall unit (also available at Deltamedia.com). Apartment dwellers might prefer to skip the jewel cases entirely, opting instead to store their media in stylish, hip, space-conscious briefcases.

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