custom cd dvd offers high quality, durable, ultra-sharp, full color Direct-to-Disc Commercial Quality Printing which means no stickers or smudges! This Custom CD Printing allows you to burn your own data/ music with your company logo or custom artwork printed on the disc. The minimum quantity is 100 pieces and you don't have to purchase in larger quantities to receive the same professional quality at wholesale price. You can use your own artwork, or our pre-designed template, and customize your order by adding your church or business information on the discs at No Extra Cost! It is an ideal way to get your message across without spending a lot of money. These affordable printed discs are ideal for favors, retaining tax information, catalog in cd, photo dvd, and more.

For our small run CD printing or DVD Printing (100 Pc - 500 Pc), we use a professional digital inkjet printing equipment for direct printing on the disc surface. Our printing technology incorporates the unique greyscale inkjet printhead technology that offers 8 levels of dot sizes, creating images of higher apparent print resolutions than what's possible with conventional binary inkjet technology. Our professional inkjet printer uses UV inks which emit little to no VOC solvents that reduce exposure to hazardous substances and pollutions. It also produce durable abrasion and chemical resistant prints, unlike solvent or water based desktop printers which produces prints that smudges when comes in contact with sweaty hands. The finish of our inkjet-printed discs is a high quality full color surface in high resolution, with a UV-hardened lacquer coating that protects the finish against smudging and gives more vibrant colours to preserve the integrity of the artwork.

For a high volume CD printing or DVD Printing (over 500 Pc), we use offset or silkscreen commercial printing technique. A silkscreen printing technique is where the artwork is transferred onto films and each color is a separate film (CMYK), with up to 5 colors. These films are used as 'stencils' across a monofilament fabric screen, with the colored inks applied through them, onto the surface of the CD or DVD. The finish of a silkscreen printing can produce very vivid colours, and is especially effective at reproducing spot colors (Pantone).

Another high volume CD DVD printing method that is most commonly used is called offset printing where the artwork layout is set directly to the printing plate from the computer, creating a physical "paste up" from your layout that they will expose to the plates using a process camera, film negatives, and chemical treatment. This process allows for highly detailed photographic images and small text to be applied to the media in great quantities.

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