Caring for your media requires you to clean your players from time to time and to repair your favorite CDs and DVDs as the need arises. So few people realize that scratches to DVDs and CDs are nothing more than surface problems, which can be quickly and easily fixed. How often have you thrown away a perfectly good CD because a few scratches made it unplayable? If only you had known that running this scratched CD or DVD through a CD DVD repair kit would fix the problem immediately, making your disc as good as new again.

CD & DVD Repair Kits is proud to offer a motor driven CD DVD repair kit which is as affordable as it is effective. Imagine, for the price of a single DVD, you can own an easy-to-use repair kit that will return scratched DVDs, CDs, data CDs, game discs, and CD-R/Ws to their original quality.

When a disc is scratched, only its surface is affected--and only its surface requires repair. The digital information isn't affected in the least. All those ones and zeros that make up an album or a movie are still on your DVD or CD, perfectly intact--but the scratched surface of the disc prevents your player from being able to reach them and read them.

Resurface the disc, and it immediately becomes readable again. Our repair kit comes with 40 regular repair cycles, as well as a whopping 150 cleaning cycles. It will pay for itself many, many times over. It will also enable you to save one-of-a-kind movies and music that you would not be able to replace, such as home movies.

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