Removing scratches from your CDs or DVDs is so simple and easy. Once you purchase your own CD DVD repair kit and discover how simple and effective it is, you might feel like kicking yourself for all the "unreadable" CDs and DVDs you've thrown away in the past. When a CD, CD-ROM, CD-R/W, DVD, or CD game has a scratch on it, the player can no longer read the information on that disc, even though the information is still there and intact.

CD & DVD Scratch Remover

DVD and CD players use lasers to read digital information. When this laser shines onto a scratch, light is refracted and the laser skips. Simple physics prevents your player from being able to read the information on the damaged disc. CD DVD scratch removers resurface the disc, filling in the scratch with a new surface (rather than "rubbing" the scratch away). As soon as the surface is smooth again, the laser can read it. It literally becomes as good as new.

In addition to our repair kits and lens cleaners, also sells a Five in One DVD Maintenance Kit. This kit will help you keep your DVD player running at its peak performance. This inexpensive kit runs five comprehensive tests on your DVD player. These tests include live motion image and sound tests, animated motion image and sound tests, surround sound tests, and display color tests.

The system also cleans the lens of your DVD player. If crystal clear sound and perfect color balance/visuals are important to you, a DVD maintenance kit is a must. Your movies are only as good as the player you play them on--and the player's quality is as affected by its maintenance as it is by its original design.

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