is more than just your go-to store for blank media. We're also your online resource for media accessories. If you're in the market for CD jewel cases, DVD albums, specialized labels or J-Cards, or any other type of accessory that might go with blank media, look no further than We sell 10-packs, 25-packs, 50-packs, and 100-packs of CD jewel cases.

Do you need to add printed materials to your CD jewel case? If so, you may want to buy them unassembled. By purchasing unassembled jewel cases, you'll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. Just slip your printed front and back covers into the unassembled case, then snap it in place. Voila! You've got a finished product worthy of sending to radio stations or selling at shows.

We also sell double, quad, and six CD cases. The double jewel case is very cool. The "smart" flip tray holds one CD on each of its sides. also carries some unusually shaped CD cases, like our clear, clam-shaped cases. These lightweight cases take up less space than ordinary jewel cases. They're a great way to store or ship CDs or DVDs.

Do you want to insert your own artwork into your CD case? If so, check out our 25-packs of single and double CD jewel cases with full sleeves. These sleeves make it so easy to insert your professional looking cover art.

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