carries so many different styles of CD-Rs precisely because we have so many different types of customers. Some of's loyal customers are music professionals whose reputations require them to use only the very best CD-Rs. These pros insist on using only the highest quality, most durable, most heavily protected CD-Rs.

At the other end of the spectrum are customers who insist on value above all else. These customers are in the market for cheap CD-Rs. They may want to use these cheap CD-Rs to record data on a temporary basis. For instance, some people use inexpensive CD-Rs to back up their computer files each month. As soon as they burn a new backup disc, they throw away the old disc--so their CD-Rs really only have to withstand a single month of use. This scenario is quite different from the sound archivist who wants his recordings to last for hundreds of years.

Cheap CD-Rs are also a terrific way to share information. Let's say you've recently had a baby or brought a new puppy or kitten into your home. Having little ones around (human or otherwise) inspires people to break out their digital cameras. By burning JPeg files onto cheap CD-Rs, you can share hundreds of precious photos of your new arrival with all your friends and family members. carries cheap CD-Rs from manufacturers like Prodisc and Ritek/Ridata. We also carry generic CD-Rs. As with so many generic products, generic CD-Rs pair good quality with amazing value. If you want CD-Rs that cost well under a quarter per disc, look no further than

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