If you're like many music fans, you've built up a huge cassette library during the heyday of the audio cassette. Many professional audio products, too, such as books on tape and foreign language instruction were produced on cassette tapes, but most people lack playback equipment. Now, the Plusdeck2c lets you make a quantum leap in technology by transferring cassette audio directly to MP3 files.

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Deltamedia.com features the Plusdecks2c for our many musician and studio customers who have expressed this issue of audio cassette transfer. The Plusdeck2c solves the problem brilliantly and affordably. The deck installs into a 5.25-inch drive bay to integrate right into your system, allowing you to digitize your audio tapes. You can convert them, back them up, and even edit them as MP3 files. Amazingly, 25 cassette tapes translate into less than 700 MB of data, which means they fit onto just one CDR.

You can revel in the past with brand-new technology using the Plusdeck2c--all for less than 150 dollars at Deltamedia.com. Before you give up on cassettes and throw out all your favorite tapes, make a small investment to keep them forever. Deltamedia.com offers the Plusdeck2c as part of our deep selection of audio-related media, equipment, and accessories. We realize that although the consumer market only offers the latest media, many people still use older formats or need a means to transfer data from one format to another.

Browse around Deltamedia.com and you'll get a sense of our dedication to the media arts. For thousands of our loyal customers, Deltamedia.com has become their go-to supply center. We hope to be that for you, too.

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