Since 1989, Deltamedia has been serving audio and visual professionals, as well as the public at large. As professionals ourselves, we understand the appealing purity of sound that has been digitally recorded onto DAT tapes.

If you're a pro looking to buy DAT tapes in bulk, or if you're simply a music aficionado who wants to record onto a stellar medium like DAT tapes, you'll find everything you need at Deltamedia. We sell dozens of different styles of DAT tapes, as well as other digital audio recording media and audio accessories.

For instance, we sell 10 packs of DAT tape cases. These protective plastic cases are ideal for shipping and storage. The soft, plastic cases are affordable, attractive, and ship to your home or office so quickly. In addition to DAT tapes (aka digital audio tapes), we carry ADAT tapes and audio mini-discs.

Deltamedia carries DAT tapes from a number of well-known manufacturers, including Fuji, MasterDAT, TDK and TDK Pro, Maxell and Maxell Pro, Sony, Quantegy, Emtec, HHB, and DIC/Digita. We carry 10-packs and 20-packs of DAT tapes in various lengths. Generally speaking, the longer the tape, the more it costs. However, if you have a lot of information to record, you'll save money by recording it onto a single, long tape instead of two shorter tapes. You'll notice that many of our tapes vary wildly in price. The professional grade DAT tapes almost always cost significantly more than their amateur counterparts, because they record with better quality.

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