Since 1989, has specialized in all types of recordable media and recordable media accessories. Data Cartridges are just one type of recordable media we offer. These little cartridges are available in several brands and are perfect for backing up important information.

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DDS (Digital Data Storage) formally evolved from DAT (Digital Audio Tape) technology. The Digital Data Storage uses magnetic tape for storing and backing up computer data. If you need to back up the important info rmation in your computer, you may want to look into purchasing Data Cartridges in case of an emergency computer crash. With Data Cartridges you are able to back up music, documents, albums, and any other essential info rmation.

Several of our brands like TDK, Maxell, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Imation, Verbatim, Fuji , IBM Media, Quantum, and Emtec are specialized for data back up. These brands guarantee precise protection for your computer. Data cartridges are perfect for backup because of its quality care and reasonable price. After one- hundred full back- ups or ten years DDS tapes need to be replaced. If this is the case, has plenty DDS stock for you to choose from.

For more than fifteen years continues to provide our customers with top notch recordable media like our name brand Data Cartridges. Data Cartridges and other sources of recordable media are all available at .

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