is committed to supply excellent recordable media and accessories since 1989. Backing up useful computer info rmation is a must when dealing with valuable computer info rmation. supplies data back- up such as DDS Backup Tapes.

DDS Backup Tapes
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DDS Backup Tapes are one excellent way to save your computer’s photo albums, word documents, music, or any other valuable material. These special backup tapes, which evolved from DAT Tapes, use magnetic tape that is about 3.8 mm wide. While recording your computer’s information helical scanning process is used. This is the same process used by a video cassette recorder and is very reliable.

Name brands like TDK, Maxell, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Imation, Verbatim, Fuji, IBM Media, Quantum, and Emtec are specialized in backing up important information. offers many material capacities for DDS Backup Tapes ranging from 2.6 GB, 8GB, 24GB, 40GB and 72GB. A DDS Backup Tape can last up to 2,000 passes or 100 backups. This is an extraordinary backup amount for DDS Backup Tapes.

If you are aware that your computer needs backup just in case of an unfriendly computer crash, then DDS Backup Tapes may be perfect for you. Professional and individuals can both benefit from having a quality and reasonably priced backup system, DDS Backup Tapes.

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