Most of the CD-Rs (recordable compact discs) we sell at can be used to record either music or data. The same disc that you might use to burn a mix CD can be used to back up your address book or share JPegs with a friend. Some of the CD-Rs we sell, however, can only be used to record music. Many of these specialized CD-Rs are known as digital audio CD-Rs.

For instance, we carry inexpensive Prodisc CD-Rs on spindles (ie, without cases) that are designed to be burned using "music-only" CD recorders, like those manufactured by Pioneer, Panasonic, and Philips. We also sell 10-packs and 20-packs of music-only digital audio CD-Rs that come in slim jewel cases.

Some of our customers rely on jewel cases for portability, gift-giving, and business, while other customers always carry their CD-Rs in albums. Whether you prefer CD-Rs that come with their own jewel cases or not is entirely up to you. Remember, you can always buy bulk CD-Rs on spindles and keep a stash of jewel cases on hand for those rare occasions when you need to protect a CD in a case. Having a supply of both bulk CD-Rs and jewel cases will cover all your bases while saving you money.

Not all of our digital audio CD-Rs are "music only." For instance, we carry Fuji audio CD-Rs that can record either 80 minutes of music or up to 700MB of data. You'll find many different styles of digital audio CD-Rs listed under the "Categories" section of our CD-R Media page.

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