"Going digital" has changed everything, including the way people record sound. Most of us have grown accustomed to the idea of digital photographs, digital movies (DVDs), and digital music (CDs)--but what about digital audio recording? Deltamedia.com carries three styles of digital audio tapes--including DAT tapes, audio mini-discs, and ADAT tapes--that will allow you to record and edit sounds in digital.

DAT tapes (digital audio tapes) were first created in the 1980s by Sony and Philips. DAT tapes look quite a bit like ordinary audio cassette tapes, although their proportions are much smaller. Like analog cassettes, DAT tapes are powered by a length of magnetic tape enclosed and protected by a plastic shell or case.

DAT tapes record sound without compression. For this reason, they are very popular with recording and music professionals. DAT tapes have not caught on with the public as well as they have with pros. Professionals are highly invested in a superior quality of sound, but the average person is more interested in convenience than sterling quality.

Many people feel that mini-discs are more convenient than DATs because mini-discs use lossy data conversion. As the name suggests, lossy data conversion loses something in quality, but more than makes up for it in size; you can fit much more information (in the form of music albums, sound effects, and so on) on a mini-disc using lossy technology than on a DAT tape using uncompressed sound recording. You'll find both types of media at Deltamedia.com.

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