Why are there so many different styles of media for every need? Browsing through the pages of Deltamedia.com, you'll notice that we often carry many different types of products for each particular need. For instance, customers who want digital blank media for audio recording have their choice of CD-Rs, audio minidiscs, and DAT tapes (digital audio tapes). Customers who want to shoot professional or home movies on digital video have their choice of digital8 tapes, mini DVs, and digital VHS.

Digital Video Media

The simple explanation is that with such new forms of media, and with so many high-quality manufacturers competing for dominance, several different versions of each medium are bound to develop. Remember the VHS versus Beta debate? The differing styles of blank media and digital recording systems are competing in much the same way.

Fortunately, since these cameras and tapes are designed to record blank media (rather than play existing media, like CDs or rented video tapes), they won't become obsolete. As long as your method of recording home movies or professional movies pleases you, there's no reason to change it.

The choice between digital8, mini DV, and digital VHS is entirely up to you. (Although your choice will be set once you've purchased your own digital video camera.) No matter which style of medium you prefer, you'll find it at Cassette House. We sell many different styles of Hi8/Digital8 tapes from both Maxell and Sony.

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