has excelled in providing recordable media and all sorts of recordable media accessories. If you’re in need of exceptional quality computer data storage, DLT Tapes are another alternative to LTO tapes and other data cartridges. Similar to LTO Tapes, DLT Tapes can hold valuable computer information.

Digital Linear Tape
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DLT Tapes were invented by the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1984. A DLT Tape uses magnetic tape technology just like several other data cartridges. These special data cartridges use a linear recording tape that is a half-inch (or 12.6 mm) wide. The tape inside the cartridges contains metal particles, which make the recording process exceptional. DLT Tapes are known to last about thirty years if the tape is not mishandled or dropped.

We offer several brands like Fuji, Hewlett Packard, IBM Media, Quantum, Tandberg, Sony, Imation, Maxell, and Verbatim. These name brand DLT Tapes are hand selected to supply you with the best back- up performance. Music collections, typed documents, and photo albums are just some computer data DLT Tapes can carry.

If you need media for backing up important information in case of a rare computer crash, DLT Tapes are just another of the many products that we offer. will assist your every need with recordable media and accessories.

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