Since 1989, has excelled in recordable media and recordable media accessories.’s specialty DVD Cases are perfect for organizing your DVD’s or for presenting material in. These cases are guaranteed with outstanding DVD protection in very long- lasting cases.

DVD Amaray Case
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For numerous years, Cassette House has specialized in distributing first class DVD cases and other media protection. Our DVD cases are extremely durable and provide excellent protection for your DVD media inside.

Besides the standard black, white, and clear cases, offers colored DVD Cases. Color cases are perfect for you if you are tired of regular standard DVD cases. We offer exciting colors like red, blue, green, and yellow. Children’s video footage or video recitals look great in a colored DVD Case. Double white DVD case is popular among the wedding videographer. offers various DVD Cases in ten packs at a very good price.

DVD Cases can be purchased to hold one, two, three, four, six, eight, and even ten DVD’s. If you are a professional or individual in need of supreme DVD protection, we have the best selection in the industry. You can purchase our DVD cases at Click on our photo to see the different possibilities.

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