offers customers many choices of CD and DVD jewel cases, including single CD jewel cases, double CD jewel cases, and multiple cases. On one extreme, we carry a Poly case which holds 12 CDs. The locking flap on this Poly case keeps the multiple CDs protected. Unlike wallets, which zip close, this locking case is easy to pop open or snap shut.

At the other extreme, we carry many styles of single and double CD jewel cases--including Poly cases with clear sleeves in which you can insert your own artwork/logo. If you're using double CD jewel cases to promote your work (for instance, if you're in a band), being able to insert your own artwork is a must. Being able to insert artwork is also a plus for music collectors who prize album art. If you love the convenience of downloadable music but lament the loss of CD cover art, why not download and print the album art for each of the albums you burn onto DVD? also carries "smart tray" double jewel cases. These pre-assembled jewel cases hold two CDs, one on each side of the flipping tray. With its black tray and clear case, this smart jewel case has classic good looks.

In addition to our terrific jewel cases, you may want to peruse our selection of CD and DVD storage units. Different storage styles include towers, wall units, rolling cabinets, component stands, and versatile "modular" storage. The stackable modular units, available in Oak or Ebony, provide you with maximum control. Once you've filled a single modular unit with VHS tapes, DVDs, or CDs, simply order another unit that you can stack right on top of the first.

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