Dual layer DVD-R discs tend to hold more information than standard single-layer discs, making them the obvious choice for users who want to transfer media with the least amount of hassle. However, the price point on these discs is higher than single-layer discs, and the technology is still evolving. Here at Deltamedia.com, we carry both single-layer and dual-layer discs from a number of makers, and with varying storage space.

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We carry both DVD+R and DVR-R formats, including DVD-RW discs, mini-discs and DVD-RAM discs. We also carry dual-layer DVDs in both +R and -R formats. We have Ridata dual layer DVD-R 4X 8.5GB discs in 25-packs with surface logos, and the same types of Ridata discs with inkjet printable surfaces. We also carry 2.4X dual layer DVD-R discs in packs of 25.

In addition to the discs, we carry CD and DVD printers, as well as thermal printer ribbons and inkjet printer cartridges. If you prefer to outsource your DVD labeling, we do CD and DVD printing in both thermal and silkscreen methods. On our website, you'll also find pre-silkscreened discs that you can load with your message.

If you also use VHS technology in your home or business, we can supply you with blank cassettes as well as cassette boxes, albums and mailers. We even have cleaning tapes, rewinders and splice kits, as well as video switchers and VHS storage units. We are a one-stop media supply shop, with 24-hour availability and competitive prices.

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