In addition to lots of high-quality DVD cases, carries all the DVD sleeves, albums, and mailers you will ever need. We also sell DVD and CD cleaning and repair kits, shredders, printers, wallets, and storage units. truly is one-stop-shopping for all your blank media and blank media accessories needs.

DVD Cases always tries to appeal to as many customers as possible with our wide range of products. That's why we offer DVD cases for single DVDs, double DVDs, and multiple DVDs. You may be a movie buff whose goal is to amass the most extensive, well-recorded, and well-documented movie collection imaginable. In this instance, you would probably want to buy slim DVD cases for single DVDs (except for unusually long movies--think "Gone with the Wind"--that would require two DVDs).

But what if you're not a movie buff? What if you're a sports buff who digitally records everything from basketball to pro golf? A customer who records sports events will probably want to invest in DVD cases that hold multiple discs. sells Amaray cases which can hold four, six, eight, or even 10 DVDs. Organizing 10 college football DVDs in one case and 10 pro hockey DVDs in another case is probably the smartest, most efficient way to house your sports collection.

Is presentation important to you? If you need a DVD case that will impress the recipient, check out our Super Jewel Box Plus DVD/CD case. It's a splendid looking, durable case.

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