DVD DL discs use dual-layer technology to allow for simplified reading and writing of and onto the disc. These discs offer an alternative to burning movies onto two discs, saving time and space. The DL disc is composed of two very thin layers with a reflector between them. The bottom layer is read-only, and the top layer is writable.

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Here at Deltamedia.com we carry all kinds of media supplies, including blank CDs, blank DVDs and even blank VHS tapes. We carry DVDs in the following formats: DVD DL, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R thermal printable and other types. We even carry mini-discs and waterproof inkjet DVDs.

You can order your dual layer discs individually or in packs of 25. All of the dual-layer discs we carry have an 8.5GB capacity, and some are printable while others have logos on the discs. All of the discs we carry are made by Ridata, Verbatim, OptoDisc, Primera and other top brands, for quality media transfer.

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