Everyone knows what DVDs are, but what about DVD+Rs and DVD+RWs? An ordinary DVD cannot be recorded; it isn't blank media. An ordinary DVD simply contains the information that it came with. In other words, if you buy a "Conan the Barbarian" DVD, you're not going to be able to record it over with a new movie, no matter how sincerely you wish you could.


A DVD+R, on the other hand, is blank media which you can record onto, and a DVD+RW is blank media which you cannot only record onto, but re-record onto. DVD+R/W is a slightly newer and slightly "better" format than the DVD-R/W. It offers certain pluses that the DVD-R/W does not. But the DVD+R/W is not compatible with as many players as the older DVD-R/W, so its attributes are somewhat diminished.

Deltamedia.com carries more than a half dozen different styles of DVD+Rs (not to mention DVD+RWs). Expect high-quality manufacturers like Verbatim, Ridata, and OptoDisc. Many of these products are printable, as well. You can use your thermal or inkjet printer to print logos or images onto the disc's front.

If you produce DVDs for a living, printable DVD+Rs are a good idea. For instance, if you shoot weddings or edit wedding footage, you'll be able to capture a still image from the wedding footage and print it onto the front of the DVD+R. Understandably, a bride who is given a DVD printed with a photo of her tossing the bouquet is going to be much, much happier than a bride who is given a DVD with the words "Your Wedding" scribbled onto it with a Sharpie.

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