For folks who aren't technologically inclined, terms like DVD-RW and DVD+R can be downright baffling. Fortunately, you don't have to have a degree in computer engineering to record movies onto a DVD--and you won't have to search long and hard for the products you need, either. Every type of DVD, CD, VHS, or audio medium you could possibly want is available at Deltamedia.

Complete Line of DVD-R

We carry both recordable DVDs and recordable / rewritable ones. DVDs which can be recorded once but cannot be rerecorded (rewritten) are known as DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs. DVDs which can be recorded and then rewritten are known as DVD-RWs and DVD+RWs.

What's the difference between items which come with a plus or minus sign? The DVD-R and DVD-RW are a slightly older format than their DVD+R/W counterparts. As such, they are slightly cruder, but tend to be compatible with a higher percentage of DVD players.

A DVD-R is compatible with about 93 percent of today's DVD and DVD-ROM players. Comparatively, a DVD+R is compatible with about 89 percent of today's DVD and DVD-ROM players. Rewritable discs are newer and more complicated, and as such, tend to be less compatible. A DVD-RW will be compatible with about 80 percent of today's players. A DVD+RW will be compatible with a very comparable 79 percent of players. The DVD+R/W family does have many qualities to recommend it, however. Their products boast CAV and CLV writing, as well as lossless linking.

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