supplies DVD’s as well as several other recordable media. Our DVD’s are available for at home use or individuals who are in need of DVD’s for professional projects. Whatever your needs are, has a large selection of name brand DVD’s for you to choose from.

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Minus R format and Plus R format is a format battle between companies. It is similar to the battle of VHS and BETA video tape of the past. The DVD-R and DVD+R have even split market share. Many burners are not combo format which consumers can use either format. Be sure to check your burner format before purchasing media.

The DVD+R and DVD+RW media brands we supply include Verbatim, Ridata, and Optodisc, which are all available for purchase. If purchasing a DVD+R media, this type of disc can only be burned once. Whereas, if you purchase a DVD+RW, this disc can burn over old information up to one-thousand times. You can order both DVD+R and DVD+RW in inkjet or thermal surfaces, available with or with out it being hub printable.

If DVD+R and DVD+RW formats are what you need, is the place to order your quality and reasonably priced DVD’s. All of our recordable media brands are hand selected for exceptional performance.

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