DVD technology comes in a number of formats, including DVD+R and DVD-R. Here at Deltamedia.com, we make it easy to browse and order just the type of digital supplies you need. A DVD is a digital video disk, and when DVD is followed by an "R," it means the disc has either a writeable or non-writeable function.

DVD+R Media

Here at Deltamedia.com, we carry DVD+R disks in packs of 25, 30, 50 and 100. The brands of discs we carry include Duplicator, Verbatim, Redata and Opto. Some are standard quality, and others are labeled "professional quality." A 100-pack of Duplicator Grade 8x discs sells for less than $25, making us a resource that is not only convenient, but very competitive.

Find the DVD+R and DVD-R Discs You Need, In Moments
We also carry DVD-R and DVD-RW media supplies. Some are inkjet printable discs and others are thermal printable. We offer our customers dual layer and double-sided discs, as well as waterproof inkjet DVDs. We also carry three-inch mini DVDs. You'll also find such accessories as CD/DVD wallets, mailers, shredders, albums and repair kits among our extensive selection.

We also carry VHS supplies, digital photography memory CompactFlash cards, MP3 players and accessories and other high-tech merchandise. Most of our items ship within 24 hours, and you can order any time, day or night. If you prefer personal service, we have phone operators available Monday through Friday, from six in the morning, Pacific Standard Time.

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