Inkjet printable CD-Rs make wonderful, inexpensive gifts. CD-Rs are recordable CDs which can be used to store music or data (think JPegs). Inkjet printable CD-Rs are recordable CDs with a surface that can be printed on an inkjet printer. If you've never seen a homemade CD printed with an inkjet home printer, you might be surprised to realize just how high-quality the images can be. Using an inexpensive home printer, you can print your CD-R to its very edges with colorful, photo-quality pictures.

With the help of, you'll never want for a last-minute gift again. Inkjet printable CD-Rs and thermal printable CD-Rs make fabulous holiday, birthday, Valentine's Day, graduation, or housewarming gifts. The next time you're headed to a friend's place for cocktails or board games, consider bringing a digital music mix tape in lieu of (or in addition to) flowers or wine.

If you're headed to a party for 10 people, you can expect the host to receive at least five bottles of wine (one from each couple). Wine is a thoughtful but forgettable gift, and with so many guests bringing it, an unnecessary one as well. A CD-R mix tape, on the other hand, is a gift your hosts will listen to and enjoy for years to come. A bottle of wine is polished off before the night is through; a CD-R of music lasts for decades.

Printing your gift CDs on your inkjet printer will make them so much more impressive. Printed CD-Rs are now a very popular take-home gift for wedding guests. These CDs can be printed with an image of the couple and handed out during the reception, or they can be printed with an image from the actual wedding and sent along with the Thank You notes.

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