Professionals all around the world prefer having their video footage on an Inkjet Printable DVD-R. These special DVD-R’s are classier than just any ordinary DVD-R without an inkjet printable surface. So many possibilities arise when printing on the surface of an Inkjet Printable DVD-R.

Inkjet Printable DVD-R

On an Inkjet Printable surface you can print any type of graphics on the top surface of their disc. Movie titles, photos, and impressive designs are just some of the many graphics you can print. To print on your DVD-R you must use an inkjet printer capable of printing on inkjet printable material. The quality of graphics on your Inkjet Printable DVD-R is more attractive than custom text or pictures. If you are interested we have DVD-R’s with hub printable surfaces, which mean you are able to print all the way to the center of the DVD disc. offers Inkjet Printable DVD-R’s from companies like Verbatim, Prodisc, Taiyo Yuden, Opto Disc, Ridata, and Primera. We sell Inkjet Printable DVD-R’s in packs of twenty, twenty-five, fifty, and one- hundred. The Different recording speeds are available, 8x and 16x.

All of our Inkjet Printable DVD-R’s are guaranteed with quality and excellence. can assist all individuals and professionals interested in selecting the right Inkjet Printable DVD-R that will fit the different projects.

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