When you work in media, be it audio or video, it's important to have one solid and reliable connection for all of your blank media needs. For nearly 20 years, Deltamedia.com has been that connection for thousands of professionals and amateurs alike. Our clients include bedroom-studio musicians all the way up to National Public Radio, Clear Channel, and Carnegie Mellon University. Deltamedia.com is here for all your media needs.

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That includes items as simple as labels. No regular office supply store or warehouse can possibly carry the specialized media labels that media users need, and certainly not in the kind of bulk that many pro studios require. At Deltamedia.com, we keep a huge stock of labels for every type of media, including audio cassette labels and audio cassette caseliners. We carry CD jewel case inserts and CD/DVD label kits and labels in regular and business-card sizes.

We also carry VHS labels, Avery and Neato labels, and CD DVD labels from Memorex, Stomper, Sure Thing, and Label Whiz, plus labels for DAT cartridges, video, and more. You can even find an endless supply of photo paper at Deltamedia.com. All our supplies are priced as low as you'll find anywhere and are usually shippable within 24 hours.

Order over 100 dollars' worth of supplies and you'll start getting into our great bulk discounts that let you stock up for less. Contact Deltamedia.com today if you have any questions, or simply order what you need online right now. Your ultimate label and blank media source is here and ready for you anytime. Find out why so many people use Deltamedia.com as their complete blank-media source.

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