is more than just a premier resource for blank media. In addition to the many styles of audio and video cassettes, CDRs, and DVDRs that we offer, also carries the best in DVD and audio accessories. For instance, if you're in the market for multi disc DVD cases (sold in bulk for an extremely affordable price), you'll find precisely what you need on our website.

Multi Disc DVD Case

Many of the multi disc DVD cases we sell are manufactured by Amaray. AGI Amaray is an excellent company whose corporate roots extend all the way back to 1880. Back then, Amaray manufactured plumbing supplies; today, they specialize in innovative CD, DVD, and cassette packaging. They are the number one manufacturer of DVD boxes in the whole of Europe.

At, we work with only the very best companies--companies like AGI Amaray. We're delighted to offer our choosy customers more than a dozen different styles of Amaray DVD cases. These cases can hold one, two, three, four, six, eight, or 10 DVDs. Choose from unique styles of multi disc DVD cases, such as Amaray's four-DVD case with flip tray, or their four-DVD case with overlapping compartments (overlapping DVDs do not touch one another).

We even carry single disc DVD cases in a range of awesome colors. If you're bored silly with black cases, or if you want to send out unusual, eye-catching DVD cases as promotional tools, you'll love Amaray's red, blue, yellow, and green cases.

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