Are you in the market for plastic DVD cases? If so, you'll find plenty of styles and even colors from which to choose at Check out our cool, colored cases. These colorful plastic DVD cases are a fun alternative to regular black cases. Choose from juicy colors like apple green, fire engine red, primary blue, or sunshine yellow. Whether you're archiving kids' movies, fun home movies, or simply prefer bold colors to tame neutrals, we think you'll love colorful plastic DVD cases from Amaray.

Slim DVD cases from Amaray are another appealing choice. Do you anticipate amassing a huge movie collection over time? If your goal is to create a giant collection, you'd be wise to begin it with slim DVD cases. The more movies you amass, the more quickly you'll run out of space. If being able to have all your movies organized in a single place is important to you, using slim DVD cases will help you achieve this end.

Look for original plastic DVD cases from Amaray, designed to hold one or two DVDs. These classic cases are now "industry standard." They contain full sleeves for artwork, and they also have helpful literature clips. Their push-button hubs make these cases a snap to open and close.

If you're looking to store multiple DVDs in a single case, you're in luck. carries plastic DVD cases that house three, four, six, eight, or even 10 DVDs at a time. Multiple DVD cases allow you to organize discs along a similar theme--like 10 different dance recitals, or 10 different soccer games.

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