Are you an audio professional? Do you record or produce music, sound effects, dialogue, or foley for a living? If so, you're probably in need of a constant supply of pro audio DAT tapes. DATs (digital audio tapes) are a digital medium that records sound with beautiful clarity. Because sound is recorded without compression, it's captured in its richest, clearest form.

The sound that you record onto your pro audio DAT tapes may be compressed and diminished later for the sake of mass production, but it will remain wonderfully rich and nuanced while you're editing it, affecting it, and creating it. Professionals who appreciate sound captured with ultimate clarity love digital audio tapes. sells lots of professional level DAT tapes. We sell professional level TDK, Sony, and Maxell DAT tapes in a variety of lengths. The Sony professional tapes are known as Sony PDP (Sony Pro Data Plus). Professional DAT tapes are small, eminently portable, and quite sturdy. They have the advantage of being housed in sturdy plastic cases (much like traditional analog audio cassettes). also sells the accessories you'll need to keep your blank and recordable media protected and organized. Check out our inexpensive DAT plastic poly cases. These soft, sturdy cases are great for replacing DAT cases which have gone missing or been ruined with excessive writing/labeling. They'll help you keep your DATs neatly organized--always a difficult but important task for audio professionals.

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