Toshiba RD-XS35 is a 160 GB Hard Disc Drive DVD Recorder.  It allows users to record as well as playback the video favorites.  This unit has 160GB Hard Disc Dive (HDD) with 140 hours of digital record time using the 2.2mbps LP mode.  It is a great machine for only $333.00 retail.  Customers often have troubles finding the best price media that works without paying the high price brand name media. 

A customer named Keith of Lake Charles, LA purchased some DVD-R 8X and this is what he said.  “When attempting to copy video from DVR Hard Drive to DVR Disk Drive, it gives error message – disk error, read only.”  He tried 3 discs and all three failed at the different locations on the discs.

Prodisc DVD-R
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We later sent him Prodisc DVD-R8X White Inkjet Hub Printable to try and this is what he said.  “Once again, I appreciate your efforts and quick response to my concerns.  I tried the new disc (Prodisc) this morning and was able to complete a transfer form my video unit hard drive to the disk drive without any issue at all.  I was able to copy six separate titles, each title approximately 40 minutes or less in length.  The transfer was smooth and timely.

The price for a 50 pack Prodisc DVD-R8X White Inkjet Hub Printable is just $14.50 and the shipping is less than $10.00.  It is so much lower than the office chain stores.  At, we will always walk the extra miles to find discs that work for our customers.  Sometime, it is trail and error but at the end customer is happy and our mission is accomplished.      

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